Open Positions

Backend Unity Engineer

We are seeking a qualified Backend Unity Engineer to immediately fill a full-time role at Oblix.

The successful candidate will have expert knowledge of and experience in the design, implementation and continuing support of large-scale client/server applications using primarily C# within Unity.


  • Works with other engineers to architect and refine the game systems (client-server networking optimization, integration with backend services, data authority management, gamer persistence, etc.)
  • Works with designers, artists and other personnel involved in the development of products as required
  • Test and refine code and systems throughout the development cycle of the project
  • Writes clear, maintainable, portable code
  • Accurately estimates his/her schedules and delivers high quality work product to that schedule

minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent experience
  • Excellent Unity and C# knowledge
  • 2+ years professional software development experience writing client-server and/or peer-to-peer game applications
  • Experience with multithread programming
  • Expertise with network programming and optimization
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving ability
  • Excellent written and oral English communication skills

preferred qualifications

  • A passion for VR, gaming, and a working knowledge of products
  • Experience developing for an online environment
  • Experience with testing frameworks
  • Experience optimizing code for memory and CPU utilization

So, if you have experience of Unity, C#, AWS, building RESTful API’s, relational databases, and have a passion for virtual reality, then please get in touch at and we would be happy to share more information on the role and the company.

We are seeking a VR UI/UX designer to immediately fill a full-time role at Oblix. 

Our ideal candidate is passionate about the social implications of VR, and has experience designing interactive 3D worlds.

Minimum qualifiations

  • 1+ year(s) experience working in VR as a designer
  • Experience with storyboarding / mockup software (Sketch, InVision, etc.)
  • Experience with 2D image manipulation software (Photoshop)
  • Experience with 3D modeling / rendering software (Cinema 4D, Maya, etc.)
  • Ability to think and design in 3D
  • Systematic thinking and a desire to make / prototype solutions in rder to fail fast and learn quickly
  • Ability to rapidly generate compelling, relevant graphics, icons and interfaces, and to design in a range of styles
  • Ability to combine analytical problem solving with refined graphic design skills
  • Excellent written and oral English communication skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience with Unity's material and lighting systems

If you are interested in this position please send your resume and portfolio to There must be recorded video of at least one virtual reality product where you contributed to the design.

VR UI/UX Designer