Introducing Our New Website and Web Portal

Welcome to our new website! Our new website features a complete redesign by Oblix designer Namira Abdulgani and Oblix engineer Zhihao Deng. We hope you like the new website and, if not, please leave us your feedback through the form on our home page or by reaching out to

Along with our new website, we are introducing for the first time our Web Portal.

Our Web Portal is a brand new way to experience Oblix: through the web, on both your phone and your computer. The Web Portal is a great way to get started with virtual reality content for those who don’t currently have access to a VR headset, and it’s the go-to system for saving, sharing and viewing content for those who do.

In the Web Portal, you’ll see a feed of 360° photos shared by others. You can also upload your own 360° photos and curate your private 360° photo gallery. If you’re not sure what a 360° photo is or if you need help capturing one, log in to the Web Portal and visit our help page.

We’ll continue to update our Web Portal and our VR apps, so stay tuned for those updates. Until then, enjoy the update and let us know of any feedback!

– Siddharth