Introducing Go Guess


Alright! Today is the day! Today, we are excited to launch Go Guess, a geographic guessing game for ants. Just kidding... A geographic guessing game (for humans).

Go Guess is available now on Steam for Oculus Rift. If you're waiting for support for other headsets, stay tuned, and feel free to get in touch to let us know.

We have always been committed to helping people explore the real world in virtual reality. Go Guess brings us one step closer to that mission and does so in a fun, engaging way for people of all age groups.

In Go Guess, you are placed in a semi-randomized, real-world location and you're asked to guess where in the world you are. You'll be rewarded with points based on the proximity of your guess to the true location. Plus, we have leaderboards and avatar-based social interaction, so you can hang out in the lobby with friends and compete with others for glory.

We're excited to hear any feedback you may have, so please feel free to reach out to us at with your thoughts. We're committed to continuing to improving the experience for you, so stay tuned for updates and reach out with any feature requests.

Until next time!