Introducing Multiplayer, Live on Oculus Store

Screenshot_on_8_22_2018_at_5_10_45 PM.png

Today, we're excited to make a couple of big announcements related to Go Guess, our social, geographic guessing game for the Oculus Rift:

Firstly, we've just launched Challenge Multiplayer, which lets you play Go Guess with up to four people simultaneously. So gather your friends (or make new ones in Go Guess) and discover the world together with a bit of competitive gameplay to keep things exciting.

Secondly, Go Guess is now live on the Oculus Store. We can't wait to reach more users through the Oculus Store, especially with Multiplayer in tow.

If you're curious, check out the full release notes in our Steam Community Hub and, as always, feel free to reach out to us at with any feedback, feature suggestions or just to say hi.

Until next time, happy guessing!