The Avatar Customization Update


Hello, Friends of Go Guess! We recently launched an update to Go Guess, which includes the ability to customize your avatar.

We've done the math, and there are nearly a septillion possible combinations of avatars (that's a trillion trillion). You can see some of those possible combinations in the GIF above.

To customize your avatar, just jump into Go Guess after updating and you'll see a big "AVATARS!" sign in front of you. If you click that sign, you'll enter the changing room pictured above where you can customize away.

There are few minor updates and bug fixes in this release too. You can find detailed release notes in our Steam community hub if you're interested.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any feedback, feature requests or just to say hi - and if you don't have Go Guess yet, you can download it on Steam.

Until next time - happy exploring, folks!